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Antibes, Afternoon Effect
Antibes, Afternoon Effect

Шостакович Д.Д. - Прелюдия №5 Для Фортепиано и Скрипки. Мелодия моря и тишины… Мелодия ночи, безмолвной и звездной. Музыка скрипки – песня души.

Argenteuil. Yachts, 1875 01

Arm of the Seine near Vetheuil, 1878.

At Cap d'Antibes, 1888

Belle-Ile, Rocks at Port-Goulphar, 1886

Belle-Ile, The Cliffs, 1886

Boats in the Port of Honfleur, 1917

Boats in the Port of Honfleur, 1866

Boats on the Beach at Etretat, 1883

Boats on the Beach at Pourville, Low Tide, 1882

Boats on the Beach, 1885

Boats on the Thames, Fog Effect, 1901

Calm Weather, Fecamp, 1881

Cliff at Grainval near Fecamp, 1881

Cliff at Grainval, 1882

Cliffs and Sailboats at Pourville, 1882

Coming into Port-Goulphar, Belle-Ile, 1886

Entrance to the Port of Honfleur, 1870

Etretat, the Beach and the Porte d'Aval, 1883

Fecamp, by the Sea, 1881

Fisherman`s House in Petit-Ailly, 1882

Fisherman's House at Varengeville, 1882

Fishing Boats on the Beach at Etretat, 1884

Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur, 1864

Heavy Sea at Pourville, 1897

La Porte d`Amount, Etretat, 1873

Late Afternoon in Vetheuil, 1880

Le Havre, the Harbor, 1874

Low Tide at Pourville
Low Tide at Pourville

Low Tide at Pourville, 1882
Отлив в Pourville, 1882

Low Tide at Varengeville, 1882

Morning at Etretat, 1883
Утро на Этрета, 1883

Morning by the Sea, 1881

Pleasure Boats, 1872

Port d`Aval, Rough Sea, 1883


Pourville, Sunset, 1882
Pourville, Закат, 1882

BAL 9979<br ></img>                                 The Rocks of Belle Ile, 1886 (oil on canvas)<br />                                 Monet, Claude (1840-1926)<br />                                 BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY, ,

The Rocks of Belle Ile, 1886 (oil on canvas)
    Скалы Бель-Иль, 1886 (холст, масло)

Rocks at Belle-Ile, 1886
Скалы в Бель-Иль, 1886

Rocks at Belle-Ile, 1887

Rocks at Belle-Ile, Port-Domois, 1886

Rocks on the Mediterranean Coast, 1888

Rough Sea, 1881
Бурное море, 1881

Seascape, Night Effect, 1866
Морской пейзаж ночью, 1866.

Storm at Belle-Ile, 1886
Буря на Бель-Иль, 1886

Stormy Seascape, 1883 .jpeg
Шторм на море, 1883

Sunset at Pourville, 1882

The Beach and the Falaise d'Amont, 1885
Пляж и Фалез d'Amont, 1885

The 'Big Blue' Meditarranean at Antibes, 1888

The 'Big Blue' Sea in Antibes, 1888
"Big Blue" море в Антибе, 1888

The Boats Regatta at Argenteuil, 1874

The Manneport, Etretat, Rough Sea, 1883
Manneport, Этрета, Бурное море, 1883

The Manneport, Reflections of Water, 1885

The Manneport, Rock Arch West of Etretat, 1883
Manneport, Рок Арка западу от Этрета, 1883

The Mediterranean Sea (Cap d'Antibes), 1888
Средиземное море (Cap d'Antibes), 1888

The 'Pyramids' at Port-Coton, 1886 2

The Rain, 1886-87
Дождь, 1886-87

The Sea at Fecamp, 1881

Waves Breaking, 1881
Волны, 1881

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